a documentary by
Markus Schmidt, Jan Bernotat & Marion Glaser

Years after the the ineffective inquiry, outrageous conspiracy theories continue to fuel the conflict.

The downing of the presidential plane is not only for the Belgian Parliament "the key for the clarifaction of facts about the genocide". Appearently, the complete enlightenment is constrained:

"The day Michael Hourigan borrowed the US embassy’s phone to tell his boss about the breakthrough in the investigation into the terrorist act that triggered the greatest mass murder of modern times, he probably set in motion a chain reaction he had never dreamt of. A few weeks later the investigation had been suspended. The powers above him in the UN had decided that the truth of the Rwandan genocide could not bear the light of day."

Published in Information (Denmark) / 6nd April 2004

This is by BBC:

"A former UN investigator has told the BBC his enquiries into the 1994 downing of the Rwandan president's plane were abruptly stopped against his wishes. At the time, he says he had obtained detailed allegations that the then rebel leader, and now President of Rwanda, Paul Kagame, was involved. Michael Hourigan said his probe was stopped in 1997 and he was speaking now as he felt justice had not been served. The shooting down of the plane sparked the genocide of up to a million people."