a documentary by
Markus Schmidt, Jan Bernotat & Marion Glaser

An armed community of defenceless refugees?

The war-crimes of the Rwanden Army thousands of kilometres away from the Rwandan border have been documented in Hubert Saupers' film "Kisangani Diary" .

This is from a report by a UN-research team submitted to the UN-Security Council:

“…the killings by AFDL and its allies, including elements of the Rwandan Patriotic Army (APR), constitute crimes against humanity, as does the denial of humanitarian assistance to Rwandan Hutu refugees. The members of the Team believe that some of the killings may constitute genocide, depending on their intent, and call for further investigation of those crimes and of their motivation”

Tim Reid, Eric Besner's former Teamleader, is today working in Harvard. In an article he states:

"In the somewhat Hobbesian world that is found in many contemporary African countries, not only are some leaders tempted to appropriate what belongs to their fellow citizens either by force or through corruption, they also sometimes take what belongs to their neighbors.

When such behavior is condoned - explicitly or implicitly - why is anyone shocked that war and poverty persist? (...)

It is likely that more people have died (either directly or indirectly) as a result of the conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) from 1996 to the present, than in the Rwandan and Cambodian genocides.

The Ugandan and Rwandan invasions of the DRC lie at the heart of the gross violations and serious abuses of human rights, including potential crimes of genocide, that have occurred in the DRC."